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The Solo Traveler And His Cheap London Escort

There was once a solo traveler who decided to travel to London for four days. Even though he was on a tight budget, he wanted to try out all London had to offer. One day, he felt the urge to have sex so he went to a place known for cheap escorts in London. However, all of the escorts he encountered had very high rates. He decided he would not be able to experience an escort while on this particular trip until one escort surprisingly offered to have sex with him for a cheaper rate. He was very delighted and took her to his room to have a good time.

When they got into the room, his face was filled with merry. He sat on the bed and the cheap escort sat next to him. He started looking at her sexily from the head to the toes. She asked for the payment first so he quickly paid her so they could get down to business. The escort put the money in her purse and then removed her clothes.

He removed his clothes and joined the escort on the bed. The escort started to suck his penis and the traveler was in heaven. When he was good and hard she lay down and spread her legs wide so he could see her wet pussy that was ready for his cock. He pushed her legs back and shoved his cock in her pussy, diving deep into her juicy hole.

The escort moaned in pleasure as he fucked her pussy hard and deep. She begged him to fuck her harder, to give her everything he had. It was taking everything he had to not go ahead and cum, which he wanted ready to have happen yet. He got off of her and flipped her into doggy style position and shoved his cock in her tight asshole. The escort shrieked in a mix of pain and pleasure. He grabbed her hips and shoved his cock deep in her ass with strong thrusts. As he shoved his cock deep in her tight asshole he knew it was finally time to release himself to climax. When they were finished they cuddled for a few minutes to catch their breath before the escort had to be on her way for the night.

The escort could hardly contain herself, surprised that this customer was so amazing at taking her pleasure to new heights. And he was so glad he had met this cheap escort, she was everything he needed to complete an amazing experience on his trip.…